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Rental Policy
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You can also download a copy of our Rental Policy here.

  • Reservations. We highly recommend creating a reservation for your rental equipment. It is a simple process and requires no obligation to you. Most importantly, by knowing that you're coming to rent a piece of equipment, we will have your order fully checked out and put together in advance of your arrival... saving you time.
  • Cancellations. Reservations for rental equipment may be cancelled at any time without penalty. Reservations with pick-up times that expire without a cancellation notice are voided to free up equipment for other potential customers.
  • Rental Periods. We charge for time out (including weekends and holidays), not for time used. Rental charges begin when equipment leaves the Bob Ward Jr. Equipment's yard (or arrives at your job site if delivered), and ends when it is returned (or when you call for pickup). Rental periods are defined as follows:
    • 1 Day = 24 consecutive hours
    • 1 Week = 3 consecutive days or up to 7
    • 1 Month = 28 to 31 consecutive days Depending on the actual month
  • Suitability. Customer is solely responsible for determining the suitability of a given rental item for the customer's use and/or purpose.
  • Metered Items. For items that have hour meters, there are maximum allowed hours of use associated with each rental period. Hours above and beyond the allowances will be prorated upon return of the equipment. The following allowances apply:
    • 1 Day = 8 Metered Hours
    • 1 Week = 40 Metered Hours
    • 1 Month = 200 Metered Hours
  • Pricing. Prices are always subject to change at any time.
  • Photo ID. We require that every customer provide a state-issued driver license or photo ID card at the time of all transactions.
  • Payment Terms. All rentals are pre-paid except for companies with established Open Accounts. Please review our Accounts section for information on applying for an Open Account. You may pay via Cash or Check. Cash customers must prepay a damage deposit in addition to the rental and delivery fees.
  • Fuel. All equipment is sent out with a minimum of 25% fuel and must be returned the same, if not a $150.00 refueling fee will be charged upon return.
  • Cleaning. Equipment is sent out clean. Customers are to dig out undercarriages and clean buckets on all track machines prior to returning. There is a charge if the machine requires excessive cleaning.
  • Responsibility. Responsibility for rental items remains with the customer from pick-up to return. All equipment should be secured and protected from the weather and theft. Customer is always responsible for:
    • Theft
    • Vandalism
    • Flat tires
    • Abuse
    • Negligence
    • Misuse
    • Routine maintenance
    • Fuel
    • Cleaning
  • Insurance. Customers are to provide proof of fire and theft insurance as covered by their Inland Marine portion of their policy for Rental/Leased Equipment. If customer does not carry such insurance. Fire and Theft coverage will be provided by Bob Ward Jr. Equipment Company and will charge a calculated fee based on the rental rate.
  • Maintenance. Customer, at his own cost and expense, is responsible for daily maintenance on all equipment, including but not limited to fuel, grease, oils, and keeping tires at proper pressure. Customer is liable for any unusual wear and tear or damage and all flat tires. Bob Ward Jr. Equipment Company will, at customer's request, perform these services at its regular rate for field labor and material.
  • Problems. If you encounter any mechanical issues or problems, give us a call immediately. Our service department will make every effort to resolve the issue and get you back in production.
  • Returning Equipment. Unless otherwise specifically arranged by personnel at our Rental Center, rented equipment must be returned during hours when we are open for business.
  • Sales, Use Tax & Emission Surcharge. Applicable state and local taxes along with Texas Emission Surcharge apply to all rentals. If you are a tax-exempt organization, you must provide us with a Tax Exemption Certificate prior to rental.


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